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Mastering Love Relationships 
In-Person or Live Virtual

"MASTERING LOVE RELATIONSHIPS" is for loving and caring single adults who are tired of non-existent, non-supportive or disrespectful LOVE relationships.  

We help you meet mutually supportive and respectful LOVE matches who see, hear and adore you in the ways that matter!

When you enroll in the program, we will become your love advocates.  We will begin by creating your "Love Profile" and "Love Map" (details below).  We will ask you... and encourage you to ask yourself... probing questions as to who would be compatible.

Once your "Love Map" is complete, we will be continuously available to keep you on track.  1) We will help you increase your readiness to receive the greatest level of love... that you've ever known, and 2) We will help you to recognize which of your behaviors are increasing the love in your life, and which of your behaviors are not

Members will receive a private membership card.  All cards look the same, regardless of the type of program.  Membership privacy is important to us.  Public program coordination fees are waived for members.  Members will receive pre-printed name tags for events.

1.  Creating Your "Love-Map" Intensive

During your first month, you will be invited to do two things: 
  1. Complete your private "Love Profile" and 
  2. Attend a 2-day intensive (live or virtual) where you will be guided through a 4--step, proven process that will result in your personal "Love Map."
At one "Love Map" Intensive a participant had an "Ah Ha" that was so huge for her, she was able to uncover why she spent fifteen years meeting and entertaining unavailable men. Within four months of her "Love Map" Intensive, she met the "Love of her Life."

After your Intensive, you will come away with a completed "Love Profile" and "Love Map."

NOTE: If you have any scheduling difficulties, we will work with you to complete your "Love Map" Intensive, as early in your program as possible.

2.  Easily Accessible "Love Map"

Once your "Love Map" is complete, you will have the perfect foundation to succeed quickly. Having your "Love Map" easily accessible (via an on-line or transportable copy) is supportive in many ways.

Some of the most popular reasons we've seen so far are:
"It made it easier to decide who to date."
"It gave me permission to flirt."
"It reminded me to for a longer period of time, before becoming intimate."
"It helped me to know when to say 'no' and when to exhibit stronger boundaries."

3.  Private, On-Demand Laser Coaching Calls:

Choose 3: (15 minutes per call)

"Before a Date - Get Confident" Breakthrough Calls,
"Keep from Getting Intimate Too Soon" Reality Calls, and / or
"Feedback on Your On-Line Profile and On-Line Interactions."

4.  Monthly Facilitated, Experiential Sessions

If you are annoyed with your dating life or the low number of compatible partners that you have to choose from, you may be creating barriers between you and the "love of your life." If you allow yourself to believe that the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE does exist and that he or she is also looking for you, YOU ARE CREATING A DOORWAY TO UNITE.

Defining Your Love MINDset 60-90 Minute - In-Person or Live Virtual Group Sessions
Each month Victoria will facilitate interactive exercises to help you quickly discover if your mindset is serving you... or hindering you... from the "LOVE OF YOUR LIFE." She will offer you techniques to having a healthy "Love Mindset."

Opening Your HEART to Love 60-90 Minute - In-Person or Live Virtual Group Sessions
Each month Victoria will provide tools and techniques (questionnaires & self-evaluation inventories) for you to evaluate your own personal energy, as it relates to your dating life.  By doing this regularly, you will begin to identify when your heart is open or closed... And when it's safe for you to keep it open.

Love Thyself Game 60-90 Minute - Live Virtual Group Q&A Session
Each month you'll have the opportunity to receive support and encouragement for taking loving action on your own behalf.  The structure of the game will invite you to make yourself and your legacy a priority, whether you are managing a busy workload or hectic family life. Friendly Reminder: Others are loving you... the way you love you...

SERVICE Projects for Singles 60-90 Minute - In-Person or Live Virtual Groups
Each month you'll have opportunities to join other service-oriented singles in a humanitarian mission that excites you.  You are invited to join in with other loving and caring singles... as a volunteer or you can receive support from this loving community for your own project. 

5.  Text / Email Support

Receive priority on text & email support.
  • Get feedback deciphering your date's behavior,
  • Get advice on your intentions with an upcoming date, and/or
  • Gain perspective when you want to go back to an ex.

6.  "Love-Life Angel"

Have you ever felt like your love life was a disaster and you just needed someone to provide loving support (not bad advice)?  One of the keys to having a successful love life is to have the capacity to give and receive love and support.  

After you are registered, you will be assigned a "Love Life Angel."  You will both act as "Love Life Angels" to one another.  Your main job is to encourage one another and cheer each other on... in a way that feels supportive to the other person.  The capacity that you and your partner have... to give and receive love and support... will be a clue... to your overall abilities to give and receive love.

(We have found that how you show up here is often the same as how you show up in the rest of your life.)  NOTE:  We will reassign "Love Life Angels" when necessary , on a limited basis.

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"Love Life" Clarity Session


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