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Singles Events - San Diego (Public)
Singles... In Loving Company Dinners

Singles Events - San Diego (Upcoming)
Monthly Birthday Celebrations
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Singles Events - San Diego (Private)
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   Victorious in Love

$200 off through 5/5/14         Ready to Join and Become Victorious in Love?
  • Are you:
    • Tired of sleeping alone?
    • Ready to be loved an appreciated as you are?
    • Committed to choosing lasting love?
    • Ready to hear that you are loved and cherished?
    • Clear that you are no longer willing to compromise?
    • Tired of taking care of everyone else?
    • Tired of being under-valued or walking on egg shells?
    • Tired of dating, searching on-line, having to say you aren't interested?

Your membership includes:

  • Informative Newsletter & Event Calendar
  • Live, fun, interactive, Workshops and Events
  • Inspiring Video Interviews
    • Love Experts
    • Relationship Success Stories

Singles Events - San Diego (Public)
Singles... In Loving Company Dinners  
 Singles... In Loving Company Dinners

  -3rd Sundays - 6:00-9:00 p.m.

-Meet quality men and women at restaurants in your
-Relaxed, fun and interactive
-Unique, safe and non-threatening                                     Back to Top

Singles Events - San Diego (Upcoming)
Monthly Birthday Celebrations

-Enjoy your  birthday with new friends and old
-The friends you bring will have a chance to win prizes
  on your behalf
-Meet quality men and women easily
-Relaxed, fun and interactive
-Unique, safe and non-threatening                                              

Singles Events - San Diego (Private)

Nine Dates 
Private Dinners    -Fridays - 7:00-10:00 p.m. 

All in one night...
-3 Dates for Appetizers (3 men / 3 women) 
-3 Dates for Dinner (3 men / 3 women) 
-3 Dates for Dessert (3 men / 3 women) 
-All or some guests fit your top criteria
-Relaxed, fun and interactive
-Receive private notes and contact info from guests who felt
  a "spark" and/or a "zing"  

Twenty Hellos  
 Themed Singles Events   -Nights & Weekends

-Say hello to twenty guests who fit your criteria*
-Even ratio of men to women
-Relaxed, fun and interactive
-All or some guests fit your top criteria 
-Receive private notes and contact info from guests who felt
  a "spark" and/or a "zing"

Private Services

Coaching and Consulting

We place an "Open for Business"
sign on your heart!



Comparing Incoming Profiles to Your Mate Criteria  

 Comparing Incoming Profiles  -All "Ideal Mate Requests" will be compared to
   your profile
 -All information will remain private until both
   parties desire an introduction
 -Introductions are made at events...
   or outside events
Ladies submitting their profiles Another incoming profile

Hand-Selected Introductions  

 Hand-Selected Introductions   -You submit your preferences
-Matchmakers scout the city
-You are matched to  all candidates (not just members)
-All information will remain private until both parties
  desire an  introduction
-Introductions are made at events... or outside events                             
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Monthly Newsletters  


Sample Topics:
-5 ways to screen dates
-Reviews of top on-line matchmaking sites
-10 common on-line dating errors to avoid
-6 things to do to increase your dating safety
-Top 3 dating conversation killers
-3 behaviors to watch for... that may lead to heart break
-Ratio of single men to women in San Diego (by age
-How much importance should you place on physical
-What chances you have that a first date will call you
  for a second date after 24 hours
-Local hangouts where you can meet women or men in
  certain age groups and economic groups

Preferred Seating at Events  

 Preferred Seating at Events   -Want to be seated by that handsome guy or girl?



Receive Discreet Feedback  

 Receive Discreet Feedback   -On your communications,
-On your image,
-On peer feedback...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Back to Top

RSVP Notifications when specific guests RSVP  

 RSVP Notifications when specific guests RSVP   Have you ever avoided an event because you were afraid you would run into someone... who you've dated and it didn't end well?  Or someone who you still have feelings for?  Receive confidential notifications in advance if specific guests have RSVP'd.  (Guests name must be submitted in advance.  Guest lists are not available for viewing) 

Scouting for You Throughout the City  

-We determine your criteria,
find potential candidates,
-We ask the candidates pre-qualifying questions,
-We introduce you to the ones who fit,
-You give us feedback,
-When you are very happy, we are very happy!

Scouting for you throughout the city                           

Trade Secret Techniques for Manifesting Your Ideal Mate  

 Trade Secret Techniques for Manifesting   -Cutting edge techniques not available any place else                                       
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Back to Top
 Teleclasses - Victorias Dating Secrets
Topics include:
-Setting up healthy boundaries
-Loving yourself while reviewing your relationship history
-Clarifying your non-negotiables
-Focusing your energy to magnetize your ideal mate
-Balancing your current needs with your long term desires
  -Trusting your intuition at a new level
  -Choosing who's influencing your decisions
  -Learning to observe your inner dialogue
  -Letting go of attachments to obtain greater results
  -Attracting your mate by changing mental habits
  -Becoming a love magnet the easy way
  -Celebrating your union with your mate                                              Back to Top